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Happy Christmas Party

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I do hope that everyone had a very happy holidays and those who celebrate Christmas, enjoyed their day with family and friends!  Decorating a gingerbread house is a staple holiday activity for me and my boys and so I decided to make a little party of it, I know…so unlike me!  I like to take every opportunity to celebrate and make memories.  This party was recently featured on the Amy Atlas Sweet Designs Blog, insert little happy dance, as it is always an honor for my work to be acknowledged with a party feature~

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The focus for this party was on the kiddies so I kept the treats simple and I will share my tips and tricks!

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The marshmallow snowmen were put together in minutes…just two large marshmallows, a mini Oreo Cakester, some edible ink and a little ribbon!  Inspiration for the snowmen can be found here.


Peppermint and white chocolate is a match made in heaven!  These are so yummy and too easy to make.  Just take two mini candy canes and join them to make a heart, then zap some white chocolate wafers in the microwave 30 seconds at a time and when just warm enough to melt all the wafers, pour with a spoon to fill the heart centers.  I like to put these on wax or parchment paper so they can peel off nice and easy.


I found the adorable reindeer cupcake holder at Winners, HomeGoods for my American friends.

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This was the table setup for the little elf decorators!  They each had a house (assembled ahead of time), candies to decorate and a favor pillow with treats!


This cute wish list and letter to Santa is included in the party package as well!

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Nimble little fingers were hard at work!


My youngest Karlo would frost, place the candy and then immediately proceed to eating the candy!  He’s a sugar junkie…like his momma!!

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I hope you enjoyed our little gingerbread party and I have left you with some cut photo prop pics!  Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

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The full party package is available in my Etsy shop, click here for details~