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Robot Birthday Party

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I was more than happy to work with Amy of Amy L.B. Photography when she said she was looking for a rainbow robot theme party package for her son, Lucas’ upcoming birthday.  The party was featured on Hostess with the Mostess, here.  Amy is very creative and this robot party is no exception.  Enjoy the rainbow eye candy!

Lucas is 5 Lucas is 5-2 Lucas is 5-8 Lucas is 5-10 Lucas is 5-9

I love these rainbow mini cakes, the colors just pop and they look oh so yummy!

Lucas is 5-4

Amy also made this cake which features one of the robots from the party package design!

Lucas is 5-13Lucas is 5-7 Lucas is 5-19 Lucas is 5-18 Lucas is 5-17 Lucas is 5-16 Lucas is 5-11Lucas is 5-12 Lucas is 5-6

I love this photo booth and the robot props, the lil guest seemed to enjoy it too!  Especially the birthday boy!

Lucas is 5-14 Lucas is 5-15 20130217-Lucas is 55287-1 20130217-Lucas is 55224Lucas is 5-13

Happy 5th Birthday Lucas!

Thank you Amy for sharing your lil bot birthday with us~

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The full party package is available in my Etsy shop, click here for details!