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Burlap and Lace Styled Bridal Shoot

burlap and lace blog post-p001How fun it was to be part of this beautiful styled wedding shoot.  I was approached by Nina of Lilly Ann Photography to help put her vision of a rustic and pretty county bridal shoot together.  She asked for lace, burlap and hints of turquoise and the end result was nothing short of pure sweetness!


It is always nice to work with friends and it was my pleasure to be in this with Carmen of Carmen’s Sweet Creations.  We have really become quite a duo :)  She is not only my go to cake pop girl, she can really wow with her other baking talents as you will see with these beautiful gold trimmed fondant flowers!

IMG_0404 IMG_0403

I put together ‘I do’ flag cupcake toppers by first designing the printable.  Then after cutting them out, I used a hot glue gun to attach it to a wooden toothpick.  I chose a toothpick over a lollipop stick because I think it looks more rustic.  The little gold ball at the top is actually a larger circular sprinkle that I dipped in in gold sparkle.  Lasted I tied a cute jute twine bow and glue gunned that to the paper flag.  A bit tedious, but soooo cute!


This cupcake was wrapped in a bit of lace to add a bit more cuteness :)

1462737_392041314260348_1553670521_o1399210_392042177593595_1409556600_o1425303_392040280927118_700578804_oIMG_0429 IMG_0454 IMG_0451  Blue mason jars hung from the tree branches and were were filled with babies breath and candles.


This adorable blue ruffle cake by Carmen got just a bit more love with some cream burlap flowers I put together.  They are so simple, just cut out various sizes of circles and glue gun them together.  then I added the wooden button to the front, which hides the goopy glue job :)  Lastly, I hot glue gunned a toothpick to the back so that it could be added to the cake.  You place the flower face down and drop a good amount of hot glue in the center and then hold the toothpick vertical until the glue hardens.  all done!


Hope you enjoyed this styled shoot and got a few tips on some of my party secrets :)



Vendor Credits:

Printables & Styling : Tania’s Design Studio

Cupcakes, Cakes, Cake Pops : Carmen’s Sweet Creations

Photography : Lilly Ann Photography


Beer Can Valentine

valentine 2015-p001My husband is always very thoughtful and sweet, but this Valentine’s Day morning was over the top in cuteness! As I got ready for the morning, I heard that he had made his way downstairs to start breakfast.  Such a nice gesture as we had a busy day of hockey and other activities planned.

When I finally made it to the kitchen with our three boys in tow, I found that he had been busy making us all some delicious cinnamon French toast.  However, what was most sweet…they were all cut into heart shapes which just put big smiles on the boy’s faces and mine too!  What I didn’t know was that the night before he had spent a good amount of time looking for my heart shaped cookie cutter to no avail!  So he decided to improvise and got really creative, he made it out of a beer can and some tape :)

IMG_7295 IMG_7301

No flowers, jewelry or other cliché gifts could have brought me more happiness.  It was such a sweet little touch that really shows he cares!

We finished off breakfast with some of my yummy homemade chocolate dipped strawberries.  It was a Valentine’s Day from our hearts, ten years married and three kids to boot…we are blessed and lucky in love!

IMG_7275 IMG_7279

I hope you spent your Valentine’s Day with those you love!



Calling All Superheroes

superhero amy cover-p001

Calling all Superheroes!  Amy of A Dazzle Day used her super party momma powers again to create this really fun and craft filled party for her Super Lucas!  Enjoy the inspiration to follow!

1974322_635747459807529_506817322_o1781681_635747456474196_1763455984_o 1654702_635747419807533_10829798_o 1911171_635747569807518_102406948_o1957906_635747549807520_2063290776_o 1911229_635747603140848_2144074402_o1781268_635747506474191_2116293880_o DIY-super-hero-photo-booth

This is one of the most elaborate photo booths I have seen.  Amy made the cityscape and the hand drawn chalk board.  Many of the signs are part of the party package, but all the masks and capes were handmade by this craftonista!

1921113_635747986474143_2015107081_o 1795967_635747943140814_696215496_o 1622333_635747966474145_2043086955_o

Another super awesome cake and the cake toppers are all designed and in the party package to resemble a comic design.

1795444_635747629807512_1062171283_o1655698_635747689807506_1978419499_o 894731_635747746474167_2142868814_o pop-art-party-labels red-blue-yellow-desserts

These popcorn boxes are a new party items that was added first in this party package.  I think they look really great and are so cute and ready for little party guests!


Checkout the many party favors that Amy sent home with these lucky little superheroes.  That is some seriously super loot!

1978310_635748586474083_18107813_o 20140221Lucas is 6 - Hero Party0501921245_635748666474075_889068381_o 20140221Lucas is 6 - Hero Party059 1911289_635748716474070_1204032543_o 1890508_635748689807406_431467202_o 20140221Lucas is 6 - Hero Party068boys-super-hero-dessert-table

The full party package is available in my Etsy shop…

hero up esty post NEW-p001



Mad Science Party

mad science amy blog post-p001

Amy of A Dazzle Day was looking for a mad science party theme for her oldest, which would be full of fun experiments!  The science party package was designed for Amy, but as I was working on it, my son too asked for a science party!  It was really neat to see how she and I came at this party from different perspectives.  Amazing how each of us can start with the same party package theme and then the resulting parties are so unique and personal.  Here is the link to my sons Luka’s science party here.

This is what Amy had to say about the package and working with me :)

“I have the honor again to work with my favorite designer, Tania from Tania’s Design Studio @ She inspired me with her printable as I incorporate my design and ideas together. She’s always a breeze to work with. Thank you, Tania!”

10257999_681337601915181_6858745897811851145_o 10329670_681337668581841_1720825268960984268_o

I just loved the ribbon bow ties that she made for the party guests!  Each attendee received a lad coat, goggles, bow tie and name tag.


Amy always finds interesting ways to use the party items, for instance, hanging here are party signs, cupcake toppers as well as the “Thank you for participating in my Birthday Experiment” chocolate bar wrappers.  She never limits herself to the uses of the printables and because f that, her parties are so unique and ingenuous.


Another example of Amy thinking outside the box is her use of the mini chocolate bar wrapper designs which were punched out to make those super cute straw decals!  Those beakers used to glasses, well that is just plain awesome!


Amy designs a special birthday hat and cake for every birthday celebration.  So much care and thought go into each of her kids parties.


thanks again for sharing!



The full party package is available in my Etsy shop…

mad science orange esty post NEW-p001

Little Mister Party

little mister cover-p001

One of my all time favourite party tables…this one is both simple and super sweet!  My love for stripes and mustaches came together and created one special party for one very special birthday boy!  There is quite a ‘stache of ideas to inspire your next party…a cute photo booth and handsome whisker embellished treats on a DIY decorated dessert table!

IMG_3959 IMG_3972 IMG_3968 IMG_3867 IMG_3914IMG_3997

This frosting technique is an absolute favourite of mine because it is fool proof.  I added the mustache by adding a lollipop stick to the back with a glue gun.  I then inserted the stick into the cake and it wasn’t going anywhere!  And there was a colorful cake design inside!


IMG_4021 IMG_3966 IMG_3880

The photo booth was a really fun element to this party for the kids and parents alike!

IMG_4332 IMG_4198 IMG_4077 IMG_4072 IMG_4061IMG_4113IMG_3979 IMG_3856

The full party package is available in my Etsy shop…

little mister new esty post NEW-p001



Pink Kitty Cat Party

pretty kitty cover-p001

Another year and another super sweet party for Amy of A Dazzle Day‘s daughter Mia.  Amy is always so creative and uses all sorts or craft elements ~ lace, ribbons, glitters, yarns, fur and tulle.  It is always a such a treat to see what she pulls together for her kids birthday parties!


Amy put together a really great tutorial on her blog on how to make that adorable yarn ball number sign.  Click here for the step by step tutorial!

10298655_664316263617315_8824359287423652802_o1911961_664316373617304_230670082975649212_o 10275308_664316416950633_2190627807164707539_o

These kitty cat headbands and bell collars were crafted by hand as well!

980418_664316446950630_2785323632403942008_o 10273359_664316566950618_4600039201532093246_o10265438_664316483617293_6810198898875750131_o887172_664316953617246_237577063343715510_o10271309_664316930283915_3746519888787906200_o10296471_664316903617251_986725979646472904_o10320897_664316876950587_5489908514174719789_o1491572_664316846950590_7147763809710653117_o10257161_664316770283931_3576082656770237767_o856327_664316743617267_7343133412269299833_o902422_664316700283938_2571156133937075512_oparty1048705_664316683617273_2009225845577118957_o1502828_664316976950577_3515623675021020779_o1400320_664317000283908_6670595836476410661_o10298454_664317056950569_6520392171863064580_o10320921_664317343617207_1396543246025552926_o10275360_664317260283882_7845000019910686611_o1980243_664317223617219_1090189056484747112_o1292287_664317130283895_6701316661014818492_oparty2

Having three boys myself, this dose of girly girl pink eye candy is so uplifting!  I loved all the detail and love that goes into Amy’s parties!  Thank you again for sharing!