One very special girl will hopefully be very happy with her birthday cake!  I made this uber girly pink rosette cake for my Goddaughter, so I look forward to seeing her reaction tomorrow.  I would say that this cake is a bit more challenging than my previous petal cake design and it takes a fair bit more icing, but it is well worth the work!


To make this cake, you will need the following…

  1. Crumb Coated Cake
  2. Piping Bag (you can use a large Ziploc bag)
  3. 1M Wilton Tip
  4. Icing, your choice of color
  5. Off-set spatula or small spoon

Start off with a dirty frosted (messily crumb coated) cake, chilled.  If you decide you want to frost the cake in just white, I would recommend purchasing the “Whipped White” by Duncan Hines.  I have found that other vanilla or white frosting have a tinge of yellow.

IMG_7634 IMG_7638

This star tip, the Wilton 1M, will be doing all the work for you!  You can find it at most craft stores like Micheals.  Insert the tip into your icing bag or Ziploc bag and fill it up good with icing…this 6″ three tier cake took two full frosting containers!

Position the bag at a 90° angle and just slightly above the surface the surface of your cake.

  1. Start by forming a star and without releasing pressure.
  2. Move the tip in a tight, complete rotation.
  3. Continue for another full rotation to outline the first circular design.
  4. Stop pressure and lift tip away.

I created a quick visual guide of the process of creating the rosette design.

rosette cake tutorial-p003

Then, just pick a starting point.  I started on the top of the cake, but I would recommend starting at the cake base because as I moved downward, I found that I was squished for space and had to make smaller rosettes and lots of star dots to make it all fit.

IMG_7676 IMG_7675

Continue making your rosettes all over the cake, and if you find that there are holes between the rosettes, just place a rosette on top it, or squeeze a dab of frosting in it if it is small enough.  You will see that in the below picture, there are many spots that I have added just random frosting stars, but looking at the cake as a whole, you don’t really notice :)



Step back and appreciate your pretty cake and then cut a piece and enjoy it with some lovely friends and family!


lots of sugary love!



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My youngest son is turning one very soon so I just made this cute little petal cake for his cake smash photo shoot tomorrow!


To make this super easy cake (if you scroll my parties, you will see that it is my go to cake frosting technique), you will need the following…

  1. Crumb Coated Cake
  2. Piping Bag (you can use a large Ziploc bag)
  3. #12 Tip
  4. Icing, your choice of color
  5. Off-set spatula or small spoon

Start off with a dirty frosted (messily crumb coated) cake, chilled.  I am going to be totally honest with you, I use box cake mix and store bought frosting…every time!


Fill a pastry bag with your choice color of frosting with a #12 tip.  Pipe a vertical line of icing dots.  Place the off-set spatula in the middle of the dot and gently press down evenly and drag, spreading the frosting across.  Continue all around the cake.  I like to clean off the spatula every so often so that the ‘petals’ stay clean and uniform.

petal cake tutorial-p001

Repeat this step until you make it all around the cake.  Finish up with a clean line of unswiped dots (it always reminds me of pearls at the back of a fancy dress).  This will be the back of the cake.


Finish the top by piping a circle of dots all around the outside edge of the cake.  Then drag inwards to the center and continue until you reach the middle and finish with a sweet little center dot!

IMG_6987 IMG_6991 IMG_6997

Step back and admire your sweet little cake!


then serve and enjoy! or…give it to your soon to be one year old and preview the results here…

IMG_7115 IMG_7119 IMG_7121 IMG_7142IMG_7147

lots of sugary love!



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::: CUPCAKE TOPPERS ::: Tips for assembly :::

I print all my party printables on 65lb heavy white card stock.  You can print on heavier paper, but I don’t find that it is worth the added expense.  Once printed, I gather all the craft tools required to assemble the cupcake toppers:

  1. sharp paper cutter
  2. 2″ paper punch (easily found at any craft store)
  3. 4″ lollipop sticks
  4. Scotch tape


With the paper trimmer, I cut the page into strips of cupcake toppers.  This will make it easier when you paper punch the designs out.


Once cut into strips, I use the 2″ paper punch to cut out each cupcake topper.  There are many different styles of paper punches and they can be found at your local craft store.  For this tutorial, I decided to use the circle paper punch, I think it looks simple and clean and suits this printable design.


Here they are all punched out and looking super cute!  I often use the cupcake toppers for table confetti as well as to cover the tape on either end of a birthday banner to hide the scotch tape :)


The next step is to turn the cupcake topper over and glue gun or Scotch tape the 4″ lollipop stick to the back.  I like to use tape because it is easier and let messy!

And voila!  your toppers are ready to make a yummy cupcake that much more adorable!




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