A Great Day for Hockey {Montreal Canadiens Inspired}


HE SHOOTS!  HE SCORES! Amy Liu Bissett of A Dazzle Day threw a {Montreal Canadiens Inspired} Hockey Party for her son Gavin’s 9th birthday that had the crowds (of party guests) cheering!  Influenced by his dad’s favorite team, the Montreal Canadiens, Gavin had a birthday party fit for any Stanley Cup loving kid!  Amy used the team colors, hockey gear, and so many great themed foods to bring this party to life!  As always, her DIY projects are simple and ao perfect!

My favorite details are:

  • black chalkboard ice rink as the sweets table backdrop
  • bench made of well used hockey sticks
  • welcome sign clipboard with hockey trading cards
  • handmade hockey jersey fondant cake topper
  • brownie hockey stick treat


In Amy’s words:

Everyone had so much fun! This is the perfect birthday party theme for bigger boys. You get to play hockey for an hour with your friends and then enjoy yummy treats after the game. What’s not to like? Influenced by daddy, Gavin’s favorite team is Montreal Canadiens so I’ve used blue and red as the main party colors. I especially love my idea of drawing a hockey field on a chalkboard as the backdrop – simple and easy but looks nice!

Tania has once again created the ideal party printable per my request. She is awesome! Check out her Etsy shop!

Food: chocolate fondant cake, chocolate cupcakes, popcorn, brownie, dipped pretzel sticks, pigs in a blanket, lemonade

For the favor box, I gathered up a few hockey related items for the kids. I love the hockey pencil and the little gold medal!



– Photography: Amy L.B. Photography
– Party Design and Planning: A Dazzle Day
– Party Printable Package: Tania’s Design Studio
– Crafts items: DollaramaWalmartGreat Canadian Dollar StoreMichaels

You can see how this party package can be styled in two ways by checking out my son Luka’s 8th birthday party here

hockey cover-p001

The full party package is available in my Etsy shop, click on the product listing below or here to view the details and ’score’ the party package!

hockey esty post NEW-p0013

Happy celebrating!



Butterfly Kisses Birthday


Every now and then I have a customer who wows me with their party styling and I am sharing one such party today!

This Butterfly Kisses party has me envisioning little girls with pastel colored wings imitating butterflies fluttering around!  Everything about this butterfly party feels so sweet and dainty.

My favorite details are:

  • three tiered cake with cascading butterflies
  • chocolate dipped butterfly pretzels
  • coordinating pastel tissue paper pom poms
  • sweet ribbon tied favor bags

3C2C05593C2C05603C2C0561 3C2C05643C2C0564 3C2C0565 3C2C0568 3C2C0573 3C2C0578 3C2C0579 3C2C0581 3C2C0584 3C2C0586 3C2C0588 3C2C0591 IMG_7418IMG_74273C2C0962  butterfly kisses bday esty post NEW-p001

To see the full product listing click HERE.

Happy celebrating!



A Magical Butterfly Tea Party

Something is brewing at this beautifully styled little girl’s birthday tea party. Once the little party girls left their shoes at the door, they stepped into a party steeped in charm!

Amy of A Dazzle Day follows a signature color palette of soft pastels for all of her girly parties that she dreams up and styles for her little mini me Mia!  At the end of the day, all of Mia’s guests’ hearts were warmed by both the tea and the loveliness of the afternoon.

tea party (1) tea party (2) tea party (3) tea party (4) tea party (5) tea party (6) tea party (7) tea party (8) tea party (9) tea party (10) tea party (11) tea party (12) tea party (13) tea party (14) tea party (15) tea party (16) tea party (17) tea party (18) tea party (19) tea party (20)

In Amy’s words:

Beautiful pastel colors are my favorites in designing a little girl’s party. This year, I used a mixture of pastel colors at Mia’s butterfly tea party and loved the result. Everything looked elegant and perfect. You’ll see lots of butterflies, flowers, and greens. The girls all felt very special and grown up sitting around having their tea and desserts. Thank you, Tania, for designing this beautiful birthday package! Tania is so talented and I love working with her!  You will definitely find something you love!


– Pastel fondant cake
– Sugar cookies
– Homemade marshmallows
– Butterfly cake pops
– Flower mini fondant cake
– Paper flowers for decoration
– 4 year old flower sign
– Doilies and tissue paper pom poms
– paper tea cups
– Photo booth frame

Crafts & Games: Decorate your butterfly with beads and Butterfly Puzzle

Favors: I have prepared a tea set for each girl, including a gold spoon, tea bag with dried flowers, jar of honey, and a handmade paper tea cup.


– Photography: Amy L.B. Photography
– Party Design and Planning: A Dazzle Day
– Party Printable Package: Tania’s Design Studio
– Crafts items: Dollarama, Walmart, Great Canadian Dollar Store, Michaels

butterfly garden esty post NEW-p001

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Happy Celebrating!


Happy Halloween 2015

What a better way to celebrate Halloween than look back at all the great years of Halloween past? I decided to create a yearly photo banner that you can add to each year and pull out with your Halloween decorations and enjoy for the Fall season.  My boys loved seeing themselves in all their ‘spooktacular’ glory!  Please download and enjoy!

video clip


I also added a few ‘BOO’ banners for fun too!

halloween photo banner-p0015

Download your 2015 Halloween Freebie here…

halloween photo banner

Top Chef Modern Bistro

top chef cover-p001

What a perfect party for your little foodie!  My party momma friend Amy of A Dazzle Day put in an order for a modern pizza party theme for her son Luas’ 7th birthday.  Fill up on all the creative party details and see what was on the menu in Chef Lucas’ Kitchen!

THis party was featured on Hostess with the Mostess (HWTM), see all the great things Jenn had to say about this party, here!

chef-dessert-table20150222Lucas is 7 - Chef Party273 chef-kitchenpizza-take-out-box20150220Lucas is 7 - Chef Party058

Amy got these mini pizza boxes from Boston Pizza and then asked that I design a cover and four sides.  I just love how they turned out!

chef-party-favors 20150220Lucas is 7 - Chef Party049 20150220Lucas is 7 - Chef Party105decorate-cookie-activitymake-your-own-pizza 20150221Lucas is 7 - Chef Party217 20150222Lucas is 7 - Chef Party25120150220Lucas is 7 - Chef Party080 20150220Lucas is 7 - Chef Party093lemonade pizza-tableboys-birthday-partychef-photo-booth

Who awesome is this photo booth?  I love the wire utensils strung together and yes…she made that too!

apron-favor20150222Lucas is 7 - Chef Party382mustache-cupcake birthday-cake120150221Lucas is 7 - Chef Party193

Happy birthday Top Chef!


Full party package is available in my Etsy shop, please click on the picture below!

chef esty post NEW-p006

Birthday Hockey Face Off

hockey cover-p001

The good ol’ hockey game…It’s the best game you can name!

Hockey is our family’s sport and with the Stanley Cup playoffs going on at the same time as my oldest sons birthday, it was only right to have a hockey themed party!IMG_9039IMG_9167IMG_9171IMG_9296 IMG_9032 IMG_9226IMG_9211  IMG_9043

I designed the party printables to have a bit of modern vintage and I wanted it to be a hockey theme with no particular team preference.  Navy and red seemed to fit that idea best. IMG_9102 (2) IMG_9098 IMG_9148 IMG_9131 IMG_9147

Anyone interested in some hot cocoa! IMG_9123 IMG_9127

I am such a fan of stripes, so the black and white tablecloth worked perfectly because it reminded me of referee stripes.  All the sweets were hockey themed; Oreo puck stack, NHL stick and puck dip, hot chocolate and who will forget those beat up toothless hockey player cookies!  IMG_9207

Using the cookies to decorate the cake was a last minute decision.  When I saw the cookie art created by Cookievonster, I knew I had to showcase this rugged bobble head looking hockey star!IMG_9048 IMG_9202

I lucked out and found these Stanley Cup Special Edition Oreos !

And then I found this great Sticks & Puck Dip by Leelalicious.com, the tutorial that I followed can be found here.IMG_9124 IMG_9039IMG_9196

Happy birthday to one happy hockey fan!



The full party package is available in my Etsy shop, click on the product listing below or here to view the details and ’score’ the party package!

hockey esty post NEW-p001


Time Flies : Niko is One

time flies blog post-p001

Wow did this year fly by!  When I started thinking about the theme for my youngest son’s birthday, all that came to mind was “My oh my, how time flies!”  It has been nothing but a pleasure watching this little man grow and I really wanted to make his first birthday special as I am pretty sure it will be my last 1st birthday celebration.  Bittersweet, but mostly sweet :)

I love my boys and I can’t wait to show you how we celebrated this munchkin’s first birthday!!

IMG_7842 IMG_7872 IMG_7916 IMG_7914 IMG_7846IMG_7857 IMG_7896

The ‘propeller pops’ are marshmallows dipped in melted red chocolate wafers.  I then rolled out some store bought fondant and stamped out some tear shaped ‘propellers’.  Finishing them with some red m&m’s brought the treat to life!


The LIFE magazine cover was the first thing I designed in this party package and it was sent as a save the date to guests!


I purchased these adorable little brown suitcases on Amazon and then attached some cute luggage tags, which are included in the party package.


I had so much fun customizing every detail of this party and many of the “in service” food items were also sent home as party favors!

IMG_7932 IMG_7938IMG_7934  IMG_7958

I used an IKEA rolling tray as the “In Service cart” which was filled with the many party favors; snack mix, sugar cookies by a sweet friend Shereen of The Sugar Tree, water bottles, chocolate bars and of course, napkin and utensils!

IMG_7949 IMG_7955

My little man even had his very own cockpit!  I created the large propeller using a cake centerpiece printable and then cut out two large tear drop shapes from the patterned papers.


Every Captain need a proper hat!

IMG_7978 IMG_8313 IMG_8328IMG_8375 IMG_7963 IMG_7966

There are many tutorials online on how to make scalloped pinatas, but to give a quick explanation: purchase a paper party lantern, hot glue paper tissue that you cut into circles, layer by layer.  Then fill it with treats and seal the bottom with a large piece of the patterned paper.  Pretty simple and cheap!


There were two games designed to keep the little party guests entertained throughout the afternoon.  First was this is Airplane Toss;  purchase white foam board, trace and cut out several sized circles with and exacto knife and added some pinwheels!

IMG_8134 IMG_8131 IMG_8148

The second party games was Pin the Propeller.  I sent the poster to print at Costco on their largest lustre photo print, the kids were then blindfolded and attempted to make the target.


Dream BIG, little ONE!  These cute shoes were purchased at Zara.

IMG_8030 IMG_8027 IMG_8026

Here is a large series of a photo banner I created to document all the months and milestone firsts that meant to such to us!

IMG_8033IMG_8022 IMG_8010 IMG_8012

At the end of the day all the guests were sent to the “luggage claim” to pick up their favor bags!

IMG_8359 IMG_8362IMG_8204

Happy birthday my dear sweet little boy!  You are loved!



Full party package is available in my Etsy shop, here

time flies esty post NEW-p001


Printables, photography and styling : Tania’s Design Studio

Sugar Cookies : The Sugar Tree

Backyard Camp Out

camp out cover-p001

We are that family that starts the weekend camp trips in early May and continues all through the summer and wraps up the season just before school starts in September.  So it was really not surprising that my son Karlo decided on a camping theme for his sixth birthday!  So many great memories have been made while out in the wilderness; sitting around the campfire, fishing with grandpa and dad, going on long ATV rides.  Really, this is the magic of childhood :)

When I plan a party I always ask my sons what they want most, Karlo said he wanted to see, “all the animals in nature”.  Well, I had already designed the printables so I incorporated some cute forest animals in the sweets I made.


These cute little owls were a combination of several Pinterest cupcakes I had pinned.  I used the petal frosting technique for the belly and then frosted the wings and ears with a star tip.  Fondant eyes really made them pop!


The cute little toadstools were purchased at a local cake baking supply store in Langley called Scoop-N-Save.  They have all sorts of fun baking items for all party themes!

IMG_8443IMG_8439 IMG_8521IMG_8470 IMG_8469 IMG_8466

A scavenger hunt was a perfect party activity, too bad our Westcoast weather didn’t want to cooperate!  I am sure that it will come in use sometime over the Spring or summer months.


Oh how I loved this sly little fox!  I saw a tutorial on how to create this cutie on Handmade Charlotte and I knew we would be great be friends!  It was actually a very simple to follow tutorial and turned out even better than I had hoped :)

IMG_8576IMG_8570IMG_8553 IMG_8571

My birthday boy was so happy with his party, he especially loved momma’s hedgehogs!

IMG_8575 IMG_8542

These cute little hedgehog critters were inspired by none other than the fabulous Martha Stewart.  Just used a particular frosting tip, sliced almonds and the nose and eyes are fondant.

IMG_8538 IMG_8499 IMG_8433 IMG_8656 IMG_8638 IMG_8534 IMG_8699IMG_8471 IMG_8463

I hope you had S’more fun looking at the photos!

camp out esty post NEW-p001

Full party package is available in my Etsy shop, click here.

Happy celebrating!



Mod Outdoors Man Birthday Party

 outdoors man blog post-p001

Choosing a party theme for a growing boy is always a challenge.  It is the need to create something that the child likes and what the parents want!  I got the inspiration for this design because 1. daddy hunts 2. little man likes to camp 3. I thought I could combine the outdoors man theme with some modern black and white graphics!  A great recipe for a hip party for a cool lil guy!


 Accents of gold were incorporated, one being the spray painted forest animals like this full grown moose!

outdoors man blog post-p004

These chocolate acorns were a huge hit and very simple to make!  Hershey Kisses were attached to mini cookies with frosting and then a butterscotch chip on top.

IMG_2984 outdoors man blog post-p002 outdoors man blog post-p005 outdoors man blog post-p003

IMG_2926outdoors man blog post-p007

Wide open spaces, that what little boys need, room to roam and explore!


I love making this style of cake, I have a step by step tutorial in my ‘Pretty Party Basics’ section so if you are interested in trying this frosting technique, that is a great place to start!IMG_2956  IMG_2922 IMG_2921 IMG_2997

Chocolate bar wrappers were used to cover the smarties boxes!IMG_2946IMG_3082IMG_2969IMG_2973

I loved designing the different party signs!  I decided to make a gallery of the different prints so I cut them out into different shapes and sizes and attached them to black foam board.  Mate actually has several of these hanging in his bedroom today!


I hope you enjoyed this modern take on the outdoors man party theme!  I have the full party package in shop, click here

mod outdoors man esty post NEW-p005

Vendor credits:

Printables: Tania’s Design Studio

Cake Pops: Carmen’s Sweet Creations

Cake Stands: Shop Sweet Lulu

This party was featured on Kara’s Party Ideas, click here to the see the party feature!

Burlap and Lace Styled Bridal Shoot

burlap and lace blog post-p001How fun it was to be part of this beautiful styled wedding shoot.  I was approached by Nina of Lilly Ann Photography to help put her vision of a rustic and pretty county bridal shoot together.  She asked for lace, burlap and hints of turquoise and the end result was nothing short of pure sweetness!


It is always nice to work with friends and it was my pleasure to be in this with Carmen of Carmen’s Sweet Creations.  We have really become quite a duo :)  She is not only my go to cake pop girl, she can really wow with her other baking talents as you will see with these beautiful gold trimmed fondant flowers!

IMG_0404 IMG_0403

I put together ‘I do’ flag cupcake toppers by first designing the printable.  Then after cutting them out, I used a hot glue gun to attach it to a wooden toothpick.  I chose a toothpick over a lollipop stick because I think it looks more rustic.  The little gold ball at the top is actually a larger circular sprinkle that I dipped in in gold sparkle.  Lasted I tied a cute jute twine bow and glue gunned that to the paper flag.  A bit tedious, but soooo cute!


This cupcake was wrapped in a bit of lace to add a bit more cuteness :)

1462737_392041314260348_1553670521_o1399210_392042177593595_1409556600_o1425303_392040280927118_700578804_oIMG_0429 IMG_0454 IMG_0451  Blue mason jars hung from the tree branches and were were filled with babies breath and candles.


This adorable blue ruffle cake by Carmen got just a bit more love with some cream burlap flowers I put together.  They are so simple, just cut out various sizes of circles and glue gun them together.  then I added the wooden button to the front, which hides the goopy glue job :)  Lastly, I hot glue gunned a toothpick to the back so that it could be added to the cake.  You place the flower face down and drop a good amount of hot glue in the center and then hold the toothpick vertical until the glue hardens.  all done!


Hope you enjoyed this styled shoot and got a few tips on some of my party secrets :)



Vendor Credits:

Printables & Styling : Tania’s Design Studio

Cupcakes, Cakes, Cake Pops : Carmen’s Sweet Creations

Photography : Lilly Ann Photography