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Stellar Space Theme Birthday

Three, Two, One…Blast off!  With out of this world treats and an amazing homemade rocket ship photo booth, Amy of A Dazzle Day, created a stellar space birthday party!

Party Highlights to look for:

  • Solar system chandelier
  • Glitter star garlands
  • Homemade rocket ship photo booth
  • Card board rocket ship crafts
  • Fun glitter embellished party printables!

Happy birthday Gavin!

Full party package available in my Etsy shop, here.

Birthday Scavenger Hunt

Another fabulous party from Amy of A Dazzle Day!  Party guests were invited to a scavenger hunt for Gavin’s 10th birthday.  With a fun birthday menu and hard detective work, this party was sure to keep kids happy and busy!

Be sure to spot these great details of this special attraction birthday party event:

  • Thumbprint ‘Scavenger Hunt’ signage
  • S’more cupcakes
  • Perfect mini sliders for little fingers
  • Kraft paper gable favor boxes filled with great detective gear!

The full Scavenger Hunt party package is available in my Etsy shop:

click here or the listing below

Happy celebrating!


Lights, Camera, Birthday!

Amy of A Dazzle Day is here to share a show stopper birthday so roll out the red carpet and prepare yourself for a fabulous birthday premiere!

Be sure to spot these great details of this special attraction birthday party event:

  • Concession stand filled with popcorn, hot dogs and cotton candy
  • Star studded cupcakes
  • Old Hollywood red curtains and marquee birthday banners
  • Movie reel water bottle labels


Interested in a creating a movie party for your kiddo, here is the full printable party package to get you started for so ‘reel’ fun!

Click Here or on the listing image below.

Happy celebrating!


Tania’s Design Studio

Dreamy Unicorn Magic Birthday Party

unicorn cover-p001As long as we dream, there will be Unicorns!

This simply dreamy unicorn themed party was styled my Amy of A Dazzle Day! Amy asked for a whimsical, magical party package that would have all of Mia’s party guests prancing and leaping with joy!  This perfectly pastel color palette with the accents of navy and gold make this a unique color combo in the ever so popular rainbow unicorn party scene.

Be sure to spot these precious details of this magical birthday party event:

  • DIY unicorn headbands adorned with felt flowers
  • Waffle cones turned chocolate dipped unicorn horns
  • DIY felt clouds with streaming pastel ribbons
  • My Little Pony pinata turned unicorn
  • Adorable paper roll unicorn craft
  • Pink fur and boa seating for each honored guest
  • Beautifully patterned and scalloped plates

And MORE!20160430MIa is 5 - Unicorn party137 - Copy 20160417MIa is 5 - Unicorn party022 20160417MIa is 5 - Unicorn party04613116040_1017257658323172_5595836296107261090_o 20160430MIa is 5 - Unicorn party14320160430MIa is 5 - Unicorn party29820160430MIa is 5 - Unicorn party11420160430MIa is 5 - Unicorn party16220160430MIa is 5 - Unicorn party16513147675_1017257741656497_783809111985864154_o20160430MIa is 5 - Unicorn party21913217399_1017257728323165_1661464783196458047_o20160430MIa is 5 - Unicorn party19820160428MIa is 5 - Unicorn party07020160430MIa is 5 - Unicorn party15320160430MIa is 5 - Unicorn party15720160430MIa is 5 - Unicorn party21520160430MIa is 5 - Unicorn party24813173545_1017258131656458_5756361504350986646_o20160428MIa is 5 - Unicorn party01720160430MIa is 5 - Unicorn party37820160430MIa is 5 - Unicorn party40313173206_1017258108323127_4408108817243917966_o20160430MIa is 5 - Unicorn party33320160430MIa is 5 - Unicorn party34120160430MIa is 5 - Unicorn party39920160430MIa is 5 - Unicorn party39720160430MIa is 5 - Unicorn party35420160430MIa is 5 - Unicorn party31720160430MIa is 5 - Unicorn party262How adorable is the paper roll craft?20160430MIa is 5 - Unicorn party26420160430MIa is 5 - Unicorn party26320160430MIa is 5 - Unicorn party25620160430MIa is 5 - Unicorn party14920160430MIa is 5 - Unicorn party53720160430MIa is 5 - Unicorn party56020160430MIa is 5 - Unicorn party49420160430MIa is 5 - Unicorn party23020160430MIa is 5 - Unicorn party31220160430MIa is 5 - Unicorn party35920160430MIa is 5 - Unicorn party36720160430MIa is 5 - Unicorn party473Happy 6th Birthday Mia!

Full party package available in shop, click here!

unicirn magic esty post NEW-p001




A Great Day for Hockey {Montreal Canadiens Inspired}


HE SHOOTS!  HE SCORES! Amy Liu Bissett of A Dazzle Day threw a {Montreal Canadiens Inspired} Hockey Party for her son Gavin’s 9th birthday that had the crowds (of party guests) cheering!  Influenced by his dad’s favorite team, the Montreal Canadiens, Gavin had a birthday party fit for any Stanley Cup loving kid!  Amy used the team colors, hockey gear, and so many great themed foods to bring this party to life!  As always, her DIY projects are simple and ao perfect!

My favorite details are:

  • black chalkboard ice rink as the sweets table backdrop
  • bench made of well used hockey sticks
  • welcome sign clipboard with hockey trading cards
  • handmade hockey jersey fondant cake topper
  • brownie hockey stick treat


In Amy’s words:

Everyone had so much fun! This is the perfect birthday party theme for bigger boys. You get to play hockey for an hour with your friends and then enjoy yummy treats after the game. What’s not to like? Influenced by daddy, Gavin’s favorite team is Montreal Canadiens so I’ve used blue and red as the main party colors. I especially love my idea of drawing a hockey field on a chalkboard as the backdrop – simple and easy but looks nice!

Tania has once again created the ideal party printable per my request. She is awesome! Check out her Etsy shop!

Food: chocolate fondant cake, chocolate cupcakes, popcorn, brownie, dipped pretzel sticks, pigs in a blanket, lemonade

For the favor box, I gathered up a few hockey related items for the kids. I love the hockey pencil and the little gold medal!



– Photography: Amy L.B. Photography
– Party Design and Planning: A Dazzle Day
– Party Printable Package: Tania’s Design Studio
– Crafts items: DollaramaWalmartGreat Canadian Dollar StoreMichaels

You can see how this party package can be styled in two ways by checking out my son Luka’s 8th birthday party here

hockey cover-p001

The full party package is available in my Etsy shop, click on the product listing below or here to view the details and ’score’ the party package!

hockey esty post NEW-p0013

Happy celebrating!



A Magical Butterfly Tea Party

Something is brewing at this beautifully styled little girl’s birthday tea party. Once the little party girls left their shoes at the door, they stepped into a party steeped in charm!

Amy of A Dazzle Day follows a signature color palette of soft pastels for all of her girly parties that she dreams up and styles for her little mini me Mia!  At the end of the day, all of Mia’s guests’ hearts were warmed by both the tea and the loveliness of the afternoon.

tea party (1) tea party (2) tea party (3) tea party (4) tea party (5) tea party (6) tea party (7) tea party (8) tea party (9) tea party (10) tea party (11) tea party (12) tea party (13) tea party (14) tea party (15) tea party (16) tea party (17) tea party (18) tea party (19) tea party (20)

In Amy’s words:

Beautiful pastel colors are my favorites in designing a little girl’s party. This year, I used a mixture of pastel colors at Mia’s butterfly tea party and loved the result. Everything looked elegant and perfect. You’ll see lots of butterflies, flowers, and greens. The girls all felt very special and grown up sitting around having their tea and desserts. Thank you, Tania, for designing this beautiful birthday package! Tania is so talented and I love working with her!  You will definitely find something you love!


– Pastel fondant cake
– Sugar cookies
– Homemade marshmallows
– Butterfly cake pops
– Flower mini fondant cake
– Paper flowers for decoration
– 4 year old flower sign
– Doilies and tissue paper pom poms
– paper tea cups
– Photo booth frame

Crafts & Games: Decorate your butterfly with beads and Butterfly Puzzle

Favors: I have prepared a tea set for each girl, including a gold spoon, tea bag with dried flowers, jar of honey, and a handmade paper tea cup.


– Photography: Amy L.B. Photography
– Party Design and Planning: A Dazzle Day
– Party Printable Package: Tania’s Design Studio
– Crafts items: Dollarama, Walmart, Great Canadian Dollar Store, Michaels

butterfly garden esty post NEW-p001

Find this party package in my Esty shop HERE.

Happy Celebrating!


Pink Kitty Cat Party

pretty kitty cover-p001

Another year and another super sweet party for Amy of A Dazzle Day‘s daughter Mia.  Amy is always so creative and uses all sorts or craft elements ~ lace, ribbons, glitters, yarns, fur and tulle.  It is always a such a treat to see what she pulls together for her kids birthday parties!


Amy put together a really great tutorial on her blog on how to make that adorable yarn ball number sign.  Click here for the step by step tutorial!

10298655_664316263617315_8824359287423652802_o1911961_664316373617304_230670082975649212_o 10275308_664316416950633_2190627807164707539_o

These kitty cat headbands and bell collars were crafted by hand as well!

980418_664316446950630_2785323632403942008_o 10273359_664316566950618_4600039201532093246_o10265438_664316483617293_6810198898875750131_o887172_664316953617246_237577063343715510_o10271309_664316930283915_3746519888787906200_o10296471_664316903617251_986725979646472904_o10320897_664316876950587_5489908514174719789_o1491572_664316846950590_7147763809710653117_o10257161_664316770283931_3576082656770237767_o856327_664316743617267_7343133412269299833_o902422_664316700283938_2571156133937075512_oparty1048705_664316683617273_2009225845577118957_o1502828_664316976950577_3515623675021020779_o1400320_664317000283908_6670595836476410661_o10298454_664317056950569_6520392171863064580_o10320921_664317343617207_1396543246025552926_o10275360_664317260283882_7845000019910686611_o1980243_664317223617219_1090189056484747112_o1292287_664317130283895_6701316661014818492_oparty2

Having three boys myself, this dose of girly girl pink eye candy is so uplifting!  I loved all the detail and love that goes into Amy’s parties!  Thank you again for sharing!




Dreamy Woodland Fairy Party

garden fairy blog post-p001

I had the pleasure of once again working with Amy of A Dazzle Day.  Her attention to detail and many DIY party decorations really makes her stand out as a fabulous party stylist!  We worked closely together to create this dreamy lavender and mint woodland fairy party package that came alive for her daughter Mia’s second birthday.  It is equally as beautiful as her Princess Safari Party that she styled for Mia’s first birthday, found here!  This gorgeous party was featured on Hostess with the Mostess, here.

dreamy-purple-fairy-party fairy-pinata

These adorable toadstool seat covers were handmade by Amy and she was so kind as to put together a tutorial for all those interested.  This tutorial and following DIY projects for this party were all featured on Hostess with the Mostess along with the party itself!  These seat covers are an easy sewing project and totally affordable, click here for the step by step instructions!


From fairy wands, custom clay ornaments, wooden peg fairy doll and hand stamped muslin purses, these little fairy guests were made to feel very special in Mia’s enchanted garden!

fairy-wands fairy-birthday-party

The fairy tutus for this party were also made by Amy and are available in her Etsy shop A Dazzle Day!


The wooden peg fairy doll tutorial can be found here.

woodland-fairy-party-favors peg-doll-favors

I do love this party hat that was created by Amy and I think Mia truly felt like a fairy princess!


The tutorial for the woodland name card holders can be found here.

wood-stick-name-card-holder-diy-tutorial woodland-party-ideas whimsical-wood-stick-name-card-holder

Napkin wraps are included in all party packages and I love to see them used because they really do add so much to the party decor.  Amy further embellished with hand stamped wooden cutlery and cute elastic ribbon is made to resemble fairy wings.  So clever!  The tutorial for these wraps can be found here.

ombre-purple-cake purple-fairy-party-kids-table tulle-birthday-number purple-woodland-fairy-party purple-panacotta purple-ombre-cakes purple-girly-fairy-party woodland-birthday-party

I do hope you enjoyed this sprinkling of fairy dust as it was one enchanted party from start to end!


garden fairy esty post NEW-p001

The full party package can be found in my Etsy shop, just click on the listing picture above!

Wishing you all a party full of fairy magic!



Robot Birthday Party

robot blog post-p001

I was more than happy to work with Amy of Amy L.B. Photography when she said she was looking for a rainbow robot theme party package for her son, Lucas’ upcoming birthday.  The party was featured on Hostess with the Mostess, here.  Amy is very creative and this robot party is no exception.  Enjoy the rainbow eye candy!

Lucas is 5 Lucas is 5-2 Lucas is 5-8 Lucas is 5-10 Lucas is 5-9

I love these rainbow mini cakes, the colors just pop and they look oh so yummy!

Lucas is 5-4

Amy also made this cake which features one of the robots from the party package design!

Lucas is 5-13Lucas is 5-7 Lucas is 5-19 Lucas is 5-18 Lucas is 5-17 Lucas is 5-16 Lucas is 5-11Lucas is 5-12 Lucas is 5-6

I love this photo booth and the robot props, the lil guest seemed to enjoy it too!  Especially the birthday boy!

Lucas is 5-14 Lucas is 5-15 20130217-Lucas is 55287-1 20130217-Lucas is 55224Lucas is 5-13

Happy 5th Birthday Lucas!

Thank you Amy for sharing your lil bot birthday with us~

robot esty post NEW-p002

The full party package is available in my Etsy shop, click here for details!



Princess Safari Party

safari blog post-p001Well, a few months ago, I had a custom request to create a mod safari package in pastel colors.  The very sweet and talented photographer, Amy of A Dazzle Day, was looking to create a special first birthday theme for her daughter, Mia and wow! she definitely did not disappoint!  This party is full of so many whimsical and sweet details, I barely know where to begin, but begin I will…

mia safari24 mia safari36

She designed and created the felt birthday hat, but she also cleverly embellished the patterned party hats created for the package.  It is amazing what simple tissue paper can do to spice up a party hat. Note to self…must try this out!

mia safari32 mia safari31 mia safari23

The party tables were full of so many vintage details, this favor table is just so sweet and ecclectic…lace, burlap, rik rak ribbon, all work together so nicely.

mia safari19 mia safari18 mia safari15 mia safari9 mia safari8 mia safari5

Amy designed and handmade all the felt animals and party hat.

mia safari21 mia safari4

Side note: I have used these lollipops at parties I have thrown and you can find them at Micheal’s.  The thank you stickers and ribbon actually come with the lollipops and make for great and affordable party favors!

mia safari17

How adorable, it really is a beautiful party, but there is much more cuteness to come…

mia safari53 mia safari52 mia safari51 mia safari50 mia safari47 mia safari39 mia safari46   mia safari35mia safari40 mia safari34 mia safari33 mia safari30 mia safari27 mia safari25 mia safari16 mia safari14 mia safari13 mia safari12 mia safari11

I just love those leg warmers and the colorful tutu!

mia safari58 mia safari59 mia safari60 mia safari61

Amy layered the water bottle wrapper with a lace doily, which makes for a vintage look.  I can tell she used a glass Starbucks frappuccino bottle.  Washed and cleaned, they are a great size for the kids birthday parties!  These adorable polka dot straws can be purchased from many sellers on Etsy and really add so much to the look.

mia safari54 mia safari57 mia safari56

The cupcake toppers are backed with coordinating tissue rosettes.  The are very simple to make and I plan to post a tutorial on how to create them sometime in the near future.  Amy used the cupcake wrappers provided in the party package and I think they add are really nice finishing touch!

mia safari45 mia safari44 mia safari43

Just when I thought this momma couldn’t be more talented, I find out she actually made these adorable cookies too.  I am very impressed as I have tried my hand at decorating sugar cookies and it does take a fair bit of skill. Very cute!

mia safari49 mia safari48 mia safari37

Thank you so much for sharing your birthday girl’s very special day with us.  Simply adorable and so much love and care put into each and every detail!

Happy celebrating!

princess safari esty post NEW-p001

The full party package is available in my Etsy shop, click here for details.