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Modern Race Car Birthday

Welcome Race Fans! Start your engines and put your car into drive, this Modern Race Car Birthday Party by will make you feel alive!  Fill up on all the incredible party details to make your race party first to the finish line!

The race car obsession is real in my home which is filled with my three little boys! Our youngest has at least one in his hand at any given moment of the day (or night). Plus, he has at least several more tucked into his pockets for later!  Having three boys, I have learned so much about car names and racing stats, everyone has their favourite car brand! Needless to say this party theme as in my thoughts for quite some time!

Details to look for:

  • Checkered Race Flag cake placed high up on the winner’s podium
  • Gear shift cake pops
  • Racing sugar cookies
  • Gas pump juice boxes
  • Ready, Set, Go guest table
  • Cupcakes with custom toppers and wrappers
  • Letter names and pennant flag banners
  • Antifreeze punch placed in glass bottles
  • And so much more!


There is a tutorial on how to create the DIY Checked Backdrop on Black Twine, click here.

Full Race Car Printable party package can be purchased here:

Printable Party Package: Tania’s Design Studio
Cake: Sweetness by Lenka Achacoso
Cookies: Cookievonster

Stellar Space Theme Birthday

Three, Two, One…Blast off!  With out of this world treats and an amazing homemade rocket ship photo booth, Amy of A Dazzle Day, created a stellar space birthday party!

Party Highlights to look for:

  • Solar system chandelier
  • Glitter star garlands
  • Homemade rocket ship photo booth
  • Card board rocket ship crafts
  • Fun glitter embellished party printables!

Happy birthday Gavin!

Full party package available in my Etsy shop, here.

Playful Boys Camping Party at Home

It is so much fun to be in the wilderness, huddled around a fire, roasting s’mores and amking memories with friends. For little camper Musa’s third birthday, his party mom created this playful camp out party in the great indoors!  I love all the wooden elements that make you feel like you’re hanging out around the camp fire!

Be sure to spot these great details of this special attraction birthday party event:

  • Living Room Campsite with Teepee and Fire!
  • Large Marquee Letters on the Mantle
  • Campfire Cupcakes
  • S’mores Station with Custom Menu options
  • Hot Chocolate Takeaway Favors
  • and much more!

How amazing is the wood grain cake! The critter cake pops and adorable too!

A simple picture based scavenger hunt can make the game fun for all ages! Thank you for sharing your party pictures, I always love to see how my customers celebrate their happy occasions!

Full party package is available in my Etsy shop, here.


Birthday Scavenger Hunt

Another fabulous party from Amy of A Dazzle Day!  Party guests were invited to a scavenger hunt for Gavin’s 10th birthday.  With a fun birthday menu and hard detective work, this party was sure to keep kids happy and busy!

Be sure to spot these great details of this special attraction birthday party event:

  • Thumbprint ‘Scavenger Hunt’ signage
  • S’more cupcakes
  • Perfect mini sliders for little fingers
  • Kraft paper gable favor boxes filled with great detective gear!

The full Scavenger Hunt party package is available in my Etsy shop:

click here or the listing below

Happy celebrating!


Lights, Camera, Birthday!

Amy of A Dazzle Day is here to share a show stopper birthday so roll out the red carpet and prepare yourself for a fabulous birthday premiere!

Be sure to spot these great details of this special attraction birthday party event:

  • Concession stand filled with popcorn, hot dogs and cotton candy
  • Star studded cupcakes
  • Old Hollywood red curtains and marquee birthday banners
  • Movie reel water bottle labels


Interested in a creating a movie party for your kiddo, here is the full printable party package to get you started for so ‘reel’ fun!

Click Here or on the listing image below.

Happy celebrating!


Tania’s Design Studio

How to Make a Party Hat


Every birthday child needs the don the special celebratory attire of the ‘birthday hat!’

Every party package that I create includes various party hat designs that are ready for just this job!  So to make the process of assembling one of these easier, today I am sharing a step by step guide.  And if that is not help enough, I am also providing a free printable party hat of this particularly cute striped navy and white design!

To make this party hat, you will need the following…

  1. Party Hat Printable
  2. Pair of Sharp Scissors
  3. Scotch Tape/Hot Glue
  4. Ribbon
  5. Embellishments (optional)

Start of with printing you party hat on heavy white card stock (I would recommend 65lb card stock).  Using the guidelines, cut out the hat with scissors.



Once you have the party hat cut out, roll the paper into a cone shape with the dotted line side under the finished edge.


Once you’ve rolled the hat into the cone shape, tape/hot glue in place.  I used scotch tape which can look a bit of a mess, so the other option is to use a the hot glue gun for a cleaner look.  Whatever you choose, this is the back side of the hat and so…what you don’t see is no big deal :)


Next, choose a coordinating ribbon and trim two pieces to the lengths you need to tie a nice bow once on the birthday child.  Tape or Staple the ribbon to the inside of the hat and keep in mind where is the front.

I decided to make this hat from my son’s first birthday cake smash so I added a shimmer jigsaw chipboard number “1” which is made by MakingMemories (available in most scrapbooking /craft stores).  It is really up to you with how you want to embellish the hat; a pom pom on top, some fringe on the bottom.  So many ways to personalize and make it your own!


IMG_7115 IMG_7119

Just for a daily dose of cuteness, my littlest one in his cake smash mess!

Please use this free party hat to create something lovely for your little one.  Download your hat by clicking on the ‘Tania’s Design Studio – Party Hat’ link below!

Tania’s Design Studio – Party Hat



Tania’s Design Studio

Army Soldier Birthday Party

army cover-p001

Atten-HUT!  Left, Left, Left, Right Left!  Forward & march on up to see the many cool details of this Army Soldier Birthday Party.  Sargent Luka turned 9 and wanted a Boot Camp Style celebration with a compulsory Nerf gun fight.   With camo bandanas, some camo-cake, and a great drill sergeant, this party was a success…Mission Accomplished!

Party Highlights to look out for:

– Camouflage cake [inside & out] topped with a mini bunting and a soldier
– Dog tag favors for each Private and Badges of Honor DIY
– Army barracks tent dessert table backdrop

– Top Secret Draft Notice Invitation
– Obstacle course, Tug o War and Sniper training activities

IMG_1669IMG_1646 IMG_1620 IMG_1612 IMG_1797IMG_1647 IMG_1655IMG_2031 IMG_2028IMG_1768 IMG_1794 IMG_1757IMG_1734IMG_1842

Army trail mix! Mixture of pretzels, yogurt covered raisins, goldfish, and mint Aero bites.

IMG_1820 IMG_1821 IMG_1755 IMG_1749IMG_1968 IMG_1947 IMG_1887 IMG_1891 IMG_1895 IMG_1889 IMG_1928

Each Private invited, had a TOP SECRET Mission sealed and ready for after their enlistment.

The Mess Hall was a buzz with important work ahead!

IMG_1907IMG_1932IMG_1884 IMG_1883

Simple games and activities kept the soldiers calm before deployment!

These DIY paper roll binoculars were fun to make and doubled as a party favor.

IMG_1881IMG_1882 IMG_1867 IMG_1686 IMG_1669-2IMG_1620 IMG_1640

Favor bags were stuffed with MRE [Meals Ready to Eat]!


Luka and I were excited to find this ammo crate at the Army surplus and it definitely served its time in a combat zone!

IMG_2061 IMG_2062 IMG_2063 IMG_2064

Camouflage cupcakes!  Not only were these frosted with camo icing, I made the cake batter camo too!


IMG_1745 IMG_1717IMG_1702 IMG_1700IMG_1998 IMG_1994

This Band of Brothers had an amazing time!

IMG_1977IMG_1982  IMG_2033 IMG_1688 IMG_1696

Once the Privates completed their Mission they were awarded their Medal of Honor!

Using store bought favor medals I re imagined them as pin on medals, a little cutting, folding, glue and a pin, they were ready for the troops!

IMG_1863 IMG_1859 IMG_1820 IMG_1805 IMG_1804IMG_1834 IMG_2040

Happy Birthday Soldier!

Hope you enjoy all your birthdays like you did this one!

Full party package is available in my Etsy shop here.

army pack esty post NEW-p001

Calling All Superheroes

superhero amy cover-p001

Calling all Superheroes!  Amy of A Dazzle Day used her super party momma powers again to create this really fun and craft filled party for her Super Lucas!  Enjoy the inspiration to follow!

1974322_635747459807529_506817322_o1781681_635747456474196_1763455984_o 1654702_635747419807533_10829798_o 1911171_635747569807518_102406948_o1957906_635747549807520_2063290776_o 1911229_635747603140848_2144074402_o1781268_635747506474191_2116293880_o DIY-super-hero-photo-booth

This is one of the most elaborate photo booths I have seen.  Amy made the cityscape and the hand drawn chalk board.  Many of the signs are part of the party package, but all the masks and capes were handmade by this craftonista!

1921113_635747986474143_2015107081_o 1795967_635747943140814_696215496_o 1622333_635747966474145_2043086955_o

Another super awesome cake and the cake toppers are all designed and in the party package to resemble a comic design.

1795444_635747629807512_1062171283_o1655698_635747689807506_1978419499_o 894731_635747746474167_2142868814_o pop-art-party-labels red-blue-yellow-desserts

These popcorn boxes are a new party items that was added first in this party package.  I think they look really great and are so cute and ready for little party guests!


Checkout the many party favors that Amy sent home with these lucky little superheroes.  That is some seriously super loot!

1978310_635748586474083_18107813_o 20140221Lucas is 6 - Hero Party0501921245_635748666474075_889068381_o 20140221Lucas is 6 - Hero Party059 1911289_635748716474070_1204032543_o 1890508_635748689807406_431467202_o 20140221Lucas is 6 - Hero Party068boys-super-hero-dessert-table

The full party package is available in my Etsy shop…


hero up esty post NEW-p001



Mad Science Party

mad science amy blog post-p001

Amy of A Dazzle Day was looking for a mad science party theme for her oldest, which would be full of fun experiments!  The science party package was designed for Amy, but as I was working on it, my son too asked for a science party!  It was really neat to see how she and I came at this party from different perspectives.  Amazing how each of us can start with the same party package theme and then the resulting parties are so unique and personal.  Here is the link to my sons Luka’s science party here.

This is what Amy had to say about the package and working with me :)

“I have the honor again to work with my favorite designer, Tania from Tania’s Design Studio @ www.taniasdesignstudio.etsy.com. She inspired me with her printable as I incorporate my design and ideas together. She’s always a breeze to work with. Thank you, Tania!”

10257999_681337601915181_6858745897811851145_o 10329670_681337668581841_1720825268960984268_o

I just loved the ribbon bow ties that she made for the party guests!  Each attendee received a lad coat, goggles, bow tie and name tag.


Amy always finds interesting ways to use the party items, for instance, hanging here are party signs, cupcake toppers as well as the “Thank you for participating in my Birthday Experiment” chocolate bar wrappers.  She never limits herself to the uses of the printables and because f that, her parties are so unique and ingenuous.


Another example of Amy thinking outside the box is her use of the mini chocolate bar wrapper designs which were punched out to make those super cute straw decals!  Those beakers used to glasses, well that is just plain awesome!


Amy designs a special birthday hat and cake for every birthday celebration.  So much care and thought go into each of her kids parties.


thanks again for sharing!



The full party package is available in my Etsy shop…


mad science orange esty post NEW-p001