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Calling All Superheroes

superhero amy cover-p001

Calling all Superheroes!  Amy of A Dazzle Day used her super party momma powers again to create this really fun and craft filled party for her Super Lucas!  Enjoy the inspiration to follow!

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This is one of the most elaborate photo booths I have seen.  Amy made the cityscape and the hand drawn chalk board.  Many of the signs are part of the party package, but all the masks and capes were handmade by this craftonista!

1921113_635747986474143_2015107081_o 1795967_635747943140814_696215496_o 1622333_635747966474145_2043086955_o

Another super awesome cake and the cake toppers are all designed and in the party package to resemble a comic design.

1795444_635747629807512_1062171283_o1655698_635747689807506_1978419499_o 894731_635747746474167_2142868814_o pop-art-party-labels red-blue-yellow-desserts

These popcorn boxes are a new party items that was added first in this party package.  I think they look really great and are so cute and ready for little party guests!


Checkout the many party favors that Amy sent home with these lucky little superheroes.  That is some seriously super loot!

1978310_635748586474083_18107813_o 20140221Lucas is 6 - Hero Party0501921245_635748666474075_889068381_o 20140221Lucas is 6 - Hero Party059 1911289_635748716474070_1204032543_o 1890508_635748689807406_431467202_o 20140221Lucas is 6 - Hero Party068boys-super-hero-dessert-table

The full party package is available in my Etsy shop…


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Superhero Party

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Superheroes are a big thing in our house and so it is only fitting that I would create a party for one of my boys with that theme!  This party was so fun to plan but even more fun to enjoy, the kids just loved it!  This party was featured on Amy Atlas, here!

super (11)

When imagining the cake, I new I wanted something bold and graphic, so instead of fondant I was decided to make ombre sugar dots to mimic the vintage dotted comic design from the party package.  I got my inspiration for these sugar dots here .  The diy tutorial on how to make these was so easy to follow and I think the time to make them was well worth it :)  The graphic cutouts that are available in the party package really made this cake pop!

super (25)

The invitation is made to look like a vintage comic design, it was a great way to let the guests know what was to come.

super (3) 1

super (1) super (23)

The amazing shortbread cookies were created by the talented Evon of Cookievonster and they really added a lot of impact to the party table.

super (20) super (37)

The cupcake fondant toppers were so amazing as well.  They were create by Janderyn of earthandsugar.

super (39)

super (38) super (36)

The cake pops were created by Carmen of Carmen’s Sweet Creations.  She had a great idea to give them a shimmer in order to resemble spandex and I think it looks absolutely perfect!

super (19) super (18)

The polka dot backdrop is fabric I purchased from IKEA, I also used it in the photo booth area, but in red!

super (31) super (34)

super (26) super (27)super (21) super (6) super (8)

superhero esty post NEW-p001

Full party package is available in my Etsy shop, just click here for more details!