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Playful Boys Camping Party at Home

It is so much fun to be in the wilderness, huddled around a fire, roasting s’mores and amking memories with friends. For little camper Musa’s third birthday, his party mom created this playful camp out party in the great indoors!  I love all the wooden elements that make you feel like you’re hanging out around the camp fire!

Be sure to spot these great details of this special attraction birthday party event:

  • Living Room Campsite with Teepee and Fire!
  • Large Marquee Letters on the Mantle
  • Campfire Cupcakes
  • S’mores Station with Custom Menu options
  • Hot Chocolate Takeaway Favors
  • and much more!

How amazing is the wood grain cake! The critter cake pops and adorable too!

A simple picture based scavenger hunt can make the game fun for all ages! Thank you for sharing your party pictures, I always love to see how my customers celebrate their happy occasions!

Full party package is available in my Etsy shop, here.


Birthday Scavenger Hunt

Another fabulous party from Amy of A Dazzle Day!  Party guests were invited to a scavenger hunt for Gavin’s 10th birthday.  With a fun birthday menu and hard detective work, this party was sure to keep kids happy and busy!

Be sure to spot these great details of this special attraction birthday party event:

  • Thumbprint ‘Scavenger Hunt’ signage
  • S’more cupcakes
  • Perfect mini sliders for little fingers
  • Kraft paper gable favor boxes filled with great detective gear!

The full Scavenger Hunt party package is available in my Etsy shop:

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Happy celebrating!


Backyard Camp Out

camp out cover-p001

We are that family that starts the weekend camp trips in early May and continues all through the summer and wraps up the season just before school starts in September.  So it was really not surprising that my son Karlo decided on a camping theme for his sixth birthday!  So many great memories have been made while out in the wilderness; sitting around the campfire, fishing with grandpa and dad, going on long ATV rides.  Really, this is the magic of childhood :)

When I plan a party I always ask my sons what they want most, Karlo said he wanted to see, “all the animals in nature”.  Well, I had already designed the printables so I incorporated some cute forest animals in the sweets I made.


These cute little owls were a combination of several Pinterest cupcakes I had pinned.  I used the petal frosting technique for the belly and then frosted the wings and ears with a star tip.  Fondant eyes really made them pop!


The cute little toadstools were purchased at a local cake baking supply store in Langley called Scoop-N-Save.  They have all sorts of fun baking items for all party themes!

IMG_8443IMG_8439 IMG_8521IMG_8470 IMG_8469 IMG_8466

A scavenger hunt was a perfect party activity, too bad our Westcoast weather didn’t want to cooperate!  I am sure that it will come in use sometime over the Spring or summer months.


Oh how I loved this sly little fox!  I saw a tutorial on how to create this cutie on Handmade Charlotte and I knew we would be great be friends!  It was actually a very simple to follow tutorial and turned out even better than I had hoped :)

IMG_8576IMG_8570IMG_8553 IMG_8571

My birthday boy was so happy with his party, he especially loved momma’s hedgehogs!

IMG_8575 IMG_8542

These cute little hedgehog critters were inspired by none other than the fabulous Martha Stewart.  Just used a particular frosting tip, sliced almonds and the nose and eyes are fondant.

IMG_8538 IMG_8499 IMG_8433 IMG_8656 IMG_8638 IMG_8534 IMG_8699IMG_8471 IMG_8463

I hope you had S’more fun looking at the photos!

camp out esty post NEW-p001

Full party package is available in my Etsy shop, click here.

Happy celebrating!



Dreamy Woodland Fairy Party

garden fairy blog post-p001

I had the pleasure of once again working with Amy of A Dazzle Day.  Her attention to detail and many DIY party decorations really makes her stand out as a fabulous party stylist!  We worked closely together to create this dreamy lavender and mint woodland fairy party package that came alive for her daughter Mia’s second birthday.  It is equally as beautiful as her Princess Safari Party that she styled for Mia’s first birthday, found here!  This gorgeous party was featured on Hostess with the Mostess, here.

dreamy-purple-fairy-party fairy-pinata

These adorable toadstool seat covers were handmade by Amy and she was so kind as to put together a tutorial for all those interested.  This tutorial and following DIY projects for this party were all featured on Hostess with the Mostess along with the party itself!  These seat covers are an easy sewing project and totally affordable, click here for the step by step instructions!


From fairy wands, custom clay ornaments, wooden peg fairy doll and hand stamped muslin purses, these little fairy guests were made to feel very special in Mia’s enchanted garden!

fairy-wands fairy-birthday-party

The fairy tutus for this party were also made by Amy and are available in her Etsy shop A Dazzle Day!


The wooden peg fairy doll tutorial can be found here.

woodland-fairy-party-favors peg-doll-favors

I do love this party hat that was created by Amy and I think Mia truly felt like a fairy princess!


The tutorial for the woodland name card holders can be found here.

wood-stick-name-card-holder-diy-tutorial woodland-party-ideas whimsical-wood-stick-name-card-holder

Napkin wraps are included in all party packages and I love to see them used because they really do add so much to the party decor.  Amy further embellished with hand stamped wooden cutlery and cute elastic ribbon is made to resemble fairy wings.  So clever!  The tutorial for these wraps can be found here.

ombre-purple-cake purple-fairy-party-kids-table tulle-birthday-number purple-woodland-fairy-party purple-panacotta purple-ombre-cakes purple-girly-fairy-party woodland-birthday-party

I do hope you enjoyed this sprinkling of fairy dust as it was one enchanted party from start to end!


garden fairy esty post NEW-p001

The full party package can be found in my Etsy shop, just click on the listing picture above!

Wishing you all a party full of fairy magic!



Woodland Baby Shower Party

woodland shower15Are you ready for some adorable woodsy inspiration?  Well, come take a look at the seriously sweet woodland themed baby shower that Shannon brought to life for her expectant sister’s little man on the way! 

woodland shower16 woodland shower26woodland shower25

Every bit of this party was planned to perfection and not a detail was missed.I really like how she assembled the napkin wraps.  Instead of just taping them at the back, she used a ribbon and knotted it on either end, giving them a little bit more of a rustic feel.

woodland shower12 woodland shower13

The table centerpieces are just ~ a d o r a b l e !  Please note, I reserve the expanded spelling for only those times when I am truly inspired and I find her centerpieces i n s p i r i n g.  From the mini pom poms, to the handmade mini bunting, to the cupcake toppers being used for ornaments, to the twine wrapped vase, to the cream ribbon, to the wooden charger…really, this is pretty darn adorable! 

woodland shower6

Shannon printed on the back portion of every printable so that every side was pretty to see.  I told you, she did not miss a detail!

woodland shower11 woodland shower56woodland shower33

When I was personalizing her party package, she asked that I leave a set of the favor tags blank because she was planning to use then as place cards.  I thought it was an interesting idea…and here is how the guests found their seats, too cute!

woodland shower38

I do love to use the water bottle wraps on glass bottles and the striped straws are just a nice finishing touch!

woodland shower20 woodland shower46 woodland shower53

Shannon used these wooden charger/plates throughout the party decorations and I think they really added to the woodland theme.  She even created rustic cake platters by placing the wooden plate on top of a tree stump! I have seen the wooden plates at Micheal’s and have honestly wanted to pick them up, but just did not have an occasion coming up that I could use them so I was really happy to see them in this party.

woodland shower51

I just have to share one more picture of the centerpieces…the mini bunting is made with patterned paper that is included in all of my party packages.  She simply cut the papers into mini pennants and glued them to the ribbon.

woodland shower3 woodland shower47 woodland shower41 woodland shower45 woodland shower27

Thank you so much for sharing this fabulous woodland themed baby shower.  I am certain your sister loved it and I wish Blake all the best that life brings!

woodland shower esty post NEW-p001

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